Mitch Lobrovich began his career as a journalist, covering assignments across the U.S, Europe and the Middle East. Years of simplifying complex information into concise, compelling stories provided the ideal foundation for scriptwriting and producing. His work has included award-winning documentaries, marketing and training videos for Fortune 500 clients and educational programs that have aired on PBS stations across the country.

Mitch's extensive experience enables him to quickly grasp the communication goals of any project and create a compelling narrative that drives the message home. With a knack for finding the right hook for any story, he consistently produces scripts and videos that exceed expectations. 




Mitch's passion for social and environmental issues has led to award-winning documentaries on subjects as diverse as the plight of pregnant teens, vanishing wetlands and adult literacy challenges in Central Texas.


One of his largest projects involved researching and writing documentaries on
the way technology is transforming K-12 education across Texas, which can be
viewed at the Texas Education Agency's powerontexas.org website.










Mitch has written educational videos for students of all ages in a variety of formats, from single videos to complete courses. 


He spent more than a decade working for Dallas Learning Solutions, formerly Dallas Telelearning, scripting half-hour documentary-style college courses that aired on PBS stations across the country.


Among other large projects, he scripted animated courses for middle school students on Texas history and world social studies.






Early in his career, Mitch established a creative and effective approach to training videos: Present essential information in a way that engages the learner and is easily absorbed and retained.


That's one reason why a boater education program he scripted for Texas has now been adopted by nearly every state in the nation. And why he has successfully scripted training programs on subjects as diverse as teacher ethics for the Texas Education Agency and sales training for Keller Williams Realty.






"The challenge we face with telecourse video scripts is finding the balance between instructional content and dramatic storytelling. Mitch is one of the very best at achieving that balance."

                   Craig Mayes, Director of Production, Dallas                            Learning Solutions