The striking benefits of integrating modern technology into the classroom are captured in a series of short, inspiring documentaries scripted for, a Texas Education Agency website.

“Power on Texas” 

How do you present dry, bureaucratic ethics policy in a way that’s engaging and memorable? Make it fun by communicating ethically challenging situations in a sitcom-style format based on the hit comedy “The Office.”

Texas Teachers Ethics Training

Texas History Multimedia Course


Adolescents have notoriously short attention spans, but this course keeps them focused with a variety of entertaining hooks, from content-based lyrics for music videos to TV news-style interviews with historic characters. 

Boater Education Program



Boating is safe and fun if you know the rules, and this course presents them in a clear, easy-to digest format. Launched in Texas, the course has been chosen as the official boater education program in nearly every state. 

President Hoover Museum Exhibit


Most of us know little about President Herbert Hoover, but this multi-video exhibit reveals that he led a fascinating life outside of public service.